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Business Line Of Credit

I had a plan, but no capital to get started. Even with good credit, banks said, I didn’t have a sufficient credit history. In order to bypass the bank's traditional requirements to obtain financing, I utilized the business resource Fund & Grow. 


Through Fund & Grow, I was able to finance the start of my real estate ventures using my business line of credit.


What makes Fund & Grow a great resource? The business line of credit is based on your credit score; the open line of credit isn’t reported to the credit bureaus and it will not appear on your credit report. 


To learn more, click the links for additional information.

fund and grow


An intelligent payment system resource, that gives you the ability to pay title companies, business expenses, suppliers, rent, taxes, raw materials, and just about anything else you’d use a credit card for- even if they don’t accept it.

To learn more about the number #1 service for virtual business payment, visit their website.

An added bonus when using Plastiq, you will earn points on purchases and payments generally not offered with traditional credit cards.

After joining Fund & Grow, sign up with Plastiq for your business line of credit purchases.

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